Workers Compensation

Arkansas Workers Compensation

Have you been hurt while you were working? Arkansas requires that most employers carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance to cover your medical bills and pay your wages when you cannot work. However, in cases of severe injury or permanent disfigurement, Workers’ Compensation benefits can be lacking. Filing a claim can be complicated and confusing and you want to make sure you are receiving all of the money you deserve.

Know the facts

Employees are always worried about how their supervisor will react when they report an injury suffered on-the-job. Arkansas Workers’ Compensation coverage is no fault coverage. Report your injury to your supervisor immediately and speak with one of our Workers’ Compensation Lawyers. If you have suffered an on-the-job injury, you may be entitled to the following compensation:

  • Medical bills – past and future
  • Lost wages – past and future
  • Training for a different job if you cannot return to work
  • Death benefits for your family

Even if your company does not have insurance, you may still be entitled to compensation. If someone besides your employer caused your injury you may have a personal injury claim against that third party. You may also be eligible for Social Security Disability.

Put us to work for you

The law firm of Nolan Caddell Reynolds can help you prepare the paperwork for your Workers’ Compensation claim. If your claim is denied or underpaid, we can work for you to get all claims paid in full. The Workers’ Compensation Lawyers and Nolan Caddell Reynolds will stand with you against the system and the employer to get the relief you need and ensure your rights are protected.

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