Oklahoma Truck Accident

Oklahoma Truck Accident Attorneys

As any Oklahoma truck accident attorney would know, small vehicles are no match against the size and weight of commercial vehicles in a collision. Anyone involved in a trucking accident is likely to sustain serious, often permanently life-altering injuries. Between the severity of injuries and the complications involved in identifying everyone potentially responsible in a collision against a commercial vehicle, these cases are among the most complex types of vehicular accident cases. The Oklahoma trucking accident lawyer you choose needs specific traits to provide the support you need.

The Oklahoma truck accident attorneys at Nolan Caddell Reynolds have the traits you need

The Oklahoma truck accident attorneys at NCR Law have the dedication and specialized skills needed to provide the support you deserve. We consider the following traits to be essential for every accident case:

  • Understanding of the trucking business and laws:  While the laws are designed to promote safety on the roads, some tractor trailer businesses focus on the bottom line, cutting corners and adding risks to local and national roadways. Our accident attorneys know what to look for to establish proof of liability.
  • Exceptional investigative capabilities:  Investigating the accident scene is only part of the process.  Our attorneys talk to witnesses, and review driver logs, drug test results, vehicle maintenance reports, and company records to ensure we have the full picture of everyone who may be responsible for a truck accident.
  • Knowledge of local roads:  The local roads can often be a contributory factor behind the cause of an accident. Our 18 wheeler accident attorney in Oklahoma has knowledge of the local roads  and that knowledge enables us to connect the dots when drivers ignore important warning signs—or lose control because of improperly-maintained roadways.
  • Understanding of medical issues:  We have experience dealing with the severe injuries that are typical in 18 wheeler accidents.  We know the long-term and even permanent effects of many injuries, and we supplement our knowledge by working with economic impact analysts and care planners to accurately predict all future expenses that must be pursued for your case.
  • Litigation and negotiation experience:  We are skilled courtroom litigators, and we can also effectively negotiate with 18 wheeler company lawyers to ensure you receive a full award or settlement for all losses incurred due to the accident.
  • Communication skills:  You need an accident attorney in Oklahoma who can communicate clearly—and answer your questions promptly. We make sure you are well-informed so you can make the important decisions needed for the best success of your case.
  • Compassion:  Oklahoma law firms need to recognize the extreme stress and uncertainty faced by accident victims.  We treat you with the empathy you need—and we can help you find any resources you need to help you through this difficult time.
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