Head and Brain Injuries

Arkansas Head and Brain Injury Attorneys

Traumatic brain injuries can range from mild to serious, and the results are often life changing. Victims experience headaches, decreased memory, depression, emotional and cognitive impairments, paralysis, seizures, coma, or even death. Traumatic brain injuries cannot be cured, and the damage is often permanent. The law offices of Nolan Caddell Reynolds represent individuals who have sustained brain injuries as a result of such things as:

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At the law offices of Nolan Caddell Reynolds, our experienced Personal Injury Attorneys consult economic impact analysts, healthcare planners, and neurologists to determine the scope and financial impact of a traumatic brain injury for our clients. Detail-oriented and analytical, our brain injury attorneys quantify the need for special education, medical devices, physical therapy, and even in-home nursing care. Where clients can no longer return to work or perform daily tasks, our economic projections take into account the value of lost wages and loss in quality of life. Nolan Caddell Reynolds Personal Injury Attorneys have a thorough knowledge of how insurance companies operate and how they arrive at damage settlement offers. Working with nationally recognized neurologists, healthcare planners, and economic impact analysts, we explain how your injuries create the need for future surgery, physical therapy, wheelchairs, prescription drugs, and in-home care. We look at the impact of your condition on your family, any loss of consortium with your spouse, your inability to enjoy playing with your children, even what your lost wages mean for your family’s future.

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