Auto Accident

Arkansas Auto Accident Attorneys

There is no such thing as a routine auto accident. The crash may have caused damage and injuries—some seen, some not. Either way your life changes. You now have bills, lost wages during recovery, auto repairs, and possibly pain and permanent physical injuries. Don’t let injuries devastate your financial future. Have you been hurt by one of the following?

  • Car wreck
  • Truck accident
  • Motorcycle collision
  • City or private bus accident
  • Boating, ATV, recreational accidents
  • Any accident caused by someone else

If so, you need help now.

Know the facts

Do you realize that the insurance company only has to pay what you can prove they owe you? Did you know that the insurance adjusters are not on your side and that they have no responsibility to help you prove your facts? That many insurance agents are paid bonuses to keep claims low? You are on your own. That’s why you should contact a Nolan Caddell Reynolds Auto Accident Attorney right away. We’ll prove your case and get you the settlement you are entitled to.

Put us to work for you

Don’t try to handle your own personal injury case. Car and truck accidents require investigative, medical, and technological resources. At Nolan Caddell Reynolds, we hire accident reconstructionists, black box experts, skid mark analysts, and medical professionals when proving the cause of an accident and the nature and scope of your injuries. Working with economic impact analysts and care planners, we accurately and exhaustively establish the financial impact of an auto accident on our clients, taking into account lost wages, medical expenses, and loss in quality of life. We leave nothing to chance. Our auto accident attorneys are prepared to serve as your legal representatives in any dealings or discussions with insurers, making sure your rights and interests are protected. We won’t let you sign any papers or make any statements without first considering the full legal and financial ramifications of doing so. Insurance companies often try to get people to accept a claim soon after an accident – before the full impact of a person’s injuries is apparent. We won’t let that happen. We will make sure the process is through and fair.

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