Every accident attorney at Nolan Caddell Reynolds is dedicated to helping individuals and families who have suffered because of someone else’s negligence.  We help victims of negligence recover damages and put their lives back together.

Over the years, our injury law firm has seen big companies, government agencies, and healthcare providers endanger the lives of average working people who are trying to take care of their families and pay the bills.  Our Arkansas injury law firm is dedicated to leveling the playing field against corporate giants and faceless bureaucrats in government agencies who often rely on their sheer size and spending power to intimidate people into not bringing legal action against them. Each lawyer at Nolan Caddell Reynolds has made a career out of restoring a balance of power in favor of injury victims and those who have lost loved ones because someone else’s bottom line led to cutting corners and ignoring safety concerns. Fight powerful companies and insurers with experienced, aggressive legal representation – contact our truck accident lawyers at Nolan Caddell Reynolds today.  Our Fort Smith and Northwest Arkansas office locations represent clients throughout Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

As a truck accident attorney, investigation is key to a successful case

Identifying who was at fault for an accident is critical to gaining fair compensation for all costs associated with the resulting injuries.  But a truck accident attorney knows the true causes are not always obvious on the surface. Truck accidents provide just one example of the types of complications involved in building an effective case.  The sheer size and weight of 18 wheelers virtually guarantee severe injuries in collisions with smaller vehicles.  But the actual business makes identifying and proving negligence much more complex.  The trucking accident lawyers at Nolan Caddell Reynolds understand that the driver may share liability with other parties, including the following:

  • Trucking companies:  Drivers must follow the rules and regulations set forth by their employers.  Companies may require them to drive too long without rest, put inexperienced drivers on long hauls before they are ready to handle them, or even put trucks on the road with an imbalanced load or without proper maintenance.
  • Maintenance personnel:  Improper inspections or rushed maintenance can cause serious problems, particularly when brakes or tires are involved. Whether the maintenance personnel work for the company or maintenance is performed by an outside shop, a truck accident attorney needs to know the facts to ensure everyone responsible for an accident is named in a suit.
  • Local, state and federal government:  The true cause of a big vehicle accident may be an encounter with a sink hole or other major road flaw that is the responsibility of local, state, or even federal government.  The attorneys at Nolan Caddell Reynolds have the skills and experience to pursue even these difficult cases.

Any type of accidental injury deserves a full investigation when it is caused by the negligence of others.  The law firm Nolan Caddell Reynolds address all details to ensure your case gets the full attention it deserves.